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Parent Consultations

Sometime parents contact us with particular concerns related to their child. For instance, parents may not feel as bonded with their infant as they had hoped, or they may be struggling with issues related to sleeping, breastfeeding, eating, toileting or discipline. There may be concerns around a specific behavior, or more generally with issues like anxiety, aggression, or socializing. A parent or young child may have experienced a recent trauma, or may be struggling with past trauma. 

In these situations, we begin with a Parent Consultations, which involves an initial session or two with the parents to discuss their concerns and obtain background information about the child and family. The goal of these initial sessions is for the parents and therapist to come to a common understanding of the parents’ questions and concerns, and to determine how best to proceed with the assessment. The assessment may involve meeting with one or more parent and child together, and obtaining additional input from other caregivers. After the assessment, the therapist re-convenes with the parents to address their initial questions and offer recommendations for going forward. Sometimes this consultation is sufficient to resolve a parent's concerns. Other time, we may recommend one of the therapeutic approaches described on the Services page.  The "parent" consultation is available to all caregivers, not just parent.