Our Mission

Located in the heart of downtown Northampton, MA, the Family Connections Center offers a range of mental health services for expecting parents and families with children ages 0 to 5 years old. 

While the transition to parenting can be a joyous time, it is also inevitably filled with challenges. Whether it is a first or fifth child, a biological or non-biological child, a single parent or multiple caregivers, each member of the family must cope with shifting roles, new routines, limited financial and personal resources, and often unexpected emotional stress. As children continue to move through the major developmental milestones of early childhood, each stage brings with it its own unique challenges.  

It is not uncommon for parents with young children - and young children themselves - to experience difficulties during this period of rapid transition. Whether it is the parent(s) or the child(ren) struggling, we believe that each family member plays a crucial role in the overall well-being of the family during this foundational stage. 

This is why at The Family Connections Center we use a therapeutic approach that considers the entire family system. By facilitating involvement of different family members, and offering multiple types of therapeutic services under the same roof, our flexible, comprehensive approach helps families get off to the best possible start.

To each encounter we bring our experience and understanding of infant and early childhood development as well as our understanding of perinatal mental health and adult development. While this early stage is clearly important for children, we consider it to be a major milestone in adult development as well, one that, given the right support, provides parents with the opportunity for individual growth and stronger, more meaningful connections. 

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