The Family Connections Center serves families who are thinking about having a baby, trying to have a baby, considering adopting or fostering, who are pregnant, postpartum, or have a child from age 0-5 years old. 

Common Issues:

  • Preconception Planning

  • Perinatal Stress and Adjustment Difficulties

  • Perinatal Depression or Anxiety

  • Other Perinatal Mental Health Issues

  • Birth Fears/Birth Trauma

  • Parent-Child Bonding

  • Breastfeeding/Sleep/Fussy Babies

  • Young children who have experienced trauma or stress, who are struggling with anxiety or depression, or have behavioral difficulties

  • Challenges faced by non-traditional families, single parents, separating or divorced parents, or adopting or fostering parents

Our Services

Individual Psychotherapy

For parents or parents-to-be who are looking for time and space to reflect and process their feelings and concerns. 

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Parent Consultations

If you have particular questions or concerns related to your infant or young child. 

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Parent-Child Psychotherapy

In many cases, the best approach for working with children 5 years old and under is one that includes the child and parent(s) together. 

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Family Therapy 

Family therapy involves meeting with multiple members of the family at once, and is generally a short-term, goal-oriented therapy. 

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Couples Therapy

Expecting a child or parenting young children can be hard on couples. We provide therapy for couples who are looking for guidance and support during this period.  

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Group Therapy

Being a parent can be isolating in our society, but no one should go through it alone. Groups provide an opportunity to connect with other parents going through similar experiences, and learn about particular issues related to parenting young children.

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For clients receiving therapy at The Family Connections Center, we provide expert medication consultations.

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